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What Is A Professional Pet Sitter?

During our over 25 years in business, we have provided our Coppell pet sitting services to over 500 families with dogs, cats, reptiles, birds, hamsters, rabbits, and finned companions.

Annie's Pet Sitting strives to meet the demands of all its customers by providing them with the ability to go to work or out of town, without having to worry about their pet's well being. Whether you're away for one day, one week, or just need regular daily pet care, you can trust Annie's Pet sitting to take care of all your pet's needs. We'll walk, feed and love them like they were our own. Since they remain in their own, familiar, environment, they will be healthier and happier upon your return.

Why Choose A Pet Sitter?

Your pets remain in their familiar surroundings.

Your pets stay on the same diet and have the same exercise routine.

Your pets receive personal, gentle attention while you're away.

Your pets are not traumatized by travel in a car or airplane.

Mid-day potty breaks.

Newspapers and mail are brought in, and plants are watered while you're away.

Service is provided 365 days a year.

Need a Professional Pet Sitter?

Our experienced and reliable pet sitters are available today. Call now (214) 514-6978 or email us at

to schedule a free consultation.

Dogs Love Walks!

Regular walks are beneficial for a dog's health and happiness.

We walk all dogs individually. If you have more than one dog, they will be walked together. We will never walk your dog with someone else's. 

Reduce or eliminate unwanted behaviors such as chewing and destructive tendencies associated with a dog's boredom and loneliness.

Having a good dog walker is essential for potty training a puppy if you can't be there during the day. 

Never Board Your Pets Again!

Our professional pet sitters care for your dogs and cats where they are most comfortable, in your own home.

Relax knowing your pets and house are safe.

We are more than happy to update you via text or phone so you know exactly how your pets are doing.

Ann Wood - Founder

Ann Wood founded Annie’s Petsitting in 1995 and for over 25 years she has lovingly cared for each and every pet entrusted to her as if they were her own. Her expertise includes specialized care such as medication and IV administration. Birds, dogs & cats are her specialty!
For our clients who travel, we are now offering full service house checks as well.

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